Interested in working with Style IT and Sarah Conley? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are some examples of the type of sponsored content that I have produced on Style IT:

Campaign or Initiative Promotion

Are you looking to spread the word about your consumer event, sampling program or brand partnership? A standard sponsored post would be the best item. Original product photography or brand photography use is subject to the discretion of the brand or sponsoring party. Additional details, such as informational language, program details, and tracking URLs may be specified. Previous examples include the promotion of Pantene’s Twitter chat with scientist Rolanda Johnson and ELLE’s giveaway in partnership with Revlon.

Product Review

Advertorial supported product reviews get extra special attention to make the content more engaging. Tracking URLs, photography, and key product talking points may be dictated by the sponsoring party. Previous examples include reviews of the BH Cosmetics Malibu Palette and Express’ fragrance, GLAM.

Custom Content Creation

Are you looking to get your message across in a unique way or through an innovative medium? I can create a custom strategy or content type to suit your campaign or participate in an existing campaign that your brand has already established. Some previous examples are a video pompadour ponytail hair tutorial I created for Kotex & Target, or a Vine participating in Pantene’s #HairFlipOff Challenge.

For a full list of previous advertorials, please visit the Sponsored Content category.

**Please note that lifestyle photography, outfit photos, and video creation sponsorship fees will include additional production costs to account for content creation, photography, travel, and/or location fees.

***Press trips may necessitate the use of a photographer and additional accommodations and fees may be incurred.

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  • Rebecca

    Hi, just found your site and I love it. I’m trying to create a site similar but with the an older generation and boy is it ever hard. I’m a lot older and not a big computer savy but can find my way somewhat. I’m needing a little income and any do’s and do nots would really be appreciated. It may be something way over my head. Anyway just wanted to say Wow! What a wonderful site yours is.

  • Hi Rebecca: Thanks so much for your sweet words! I still struggle a lot with the types of features that I’d like to create and sometimes I have to try two, three, and four times until I get it right. Sometimes I even leave a project for a bit and come back to it with fresh eyes.

    To be fair, we could all use a little income! My biggest piece of advice is not to do it as a way of earning money, but because you love it. If your passion is real, then the rest will come. Hope that helps!