It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the magic of Colette Malouf. I had the good fortune to meet her (and become entranced by) her gorgeous designs and mad hair styling skills at a Shiseido event. Since then, I’ve researched as many of the designer’s creations as possible and even converted my mom within moments of arriving at the recent sample sale. It was at this sample sale, as a matter of fact, where I had a chance to chat with Colette herself and discover these super-handy tutorial flashcards, easily illustrating how to recreate some of the looks that she makes look so effortless.

If you’re into hair accessories or updos (at al), you’ll find both Colette and these guides a valuable resource. I’m excited to try these looks with some of the goodies I picked up during my birthday spree at the sample sale, especially in the heat of summer.

Do you have a favorite updo style (ponytails don’t count, darling)? Are you hair capable or hair challenged?