Clearasil Daily Clear

Clearasil wants me to talk to you about how I “win the day” but to be honest, I rarely feel like I do. This morning I’m feeling super productive, but that’s only because I woke up at 4am and started working by 6am. These mornings are rare, but when I can make them happen, I take every opportunity. Here’s how I construct my productive day:

  • Wake up super duper early before everyone has a chance to get to their email and Twitter accounts
  • Take an intense shower, full of exfoliation, deep conditioning treatments, and bonus points for following it up with body lotion
  • Copious amounts of coffee (2 cups, minimum) with a hearty breakfast
  • Intense skincare, including exfoliation and an ultra hydrating cream
  • Watch an episode of last night’s tv that I missed while filling out my Thyme Is Honey to do list
  • Get to work

Clearasil Daily Clear

This time of year, my skin starts to freak out. One hint of warmer weather and all of the sudden my pores throw a rager. Starting the day off with a gel cleanser or a scrub is key because I produce a lot of oil overnight. Removing that oil is a key component of a great makeup application, so the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash is a great addition to the routine this time of year. However, my favorite product of the Clearasil Daily Clear collection would definitely have to be the Refreshing Superfruit Pads. I’ve really come to love including these types of exfoliating pads into my morning (and sometimes evening) ritual. They help to improve the texture of my skin and keep it ultra-clean, and the included 1% salicylic acid keeps breakouts at bay.

If any of the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit line sounds appealing, here’s a mail-in rebate offer for you!

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