While traveling is exciting, there’s nothing better than returning to all the comforts of home. For me, that means the relaxing beauty indulgences of a Sunday spa routine at home. This week, I’m loving:

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing PeelI’m very afraid of peel treatments. They bring to mind Samantha’s raw face at Carrie’s book party, and no matter how gentle they claim to be, I always see flashes of my face turning the same shade of tomato. Thanks to mushrooms (really!), this won’t happen with Artistry’s Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. This one step formula uses mushroom enzymes that react with your skin to know when to stop the exfoliation process when your skin reaches the optimum pH level. For a full science lesson on how these Ivy League mushroom enzymes work, check out this in depth video from Artistry.

Phyto Secret De Nuit Overnight TreatmentThe overnight hair treatment category is so hot right now. Pantene released their Overnight Miracle Repair Serum, plus hair oils are practically leaping off shelves in every category and combination imaginable. Because my hair is so fine, I’ve shied away from these treatments for so long, but as I’m getting closer to 30, I’m not as oily as I used to be, and my skin/hair have become slightly drier. I love overnight treatments the night before I wash my hair because it allows me to add in some extra moisture without worrying about whether or not my hair will look great the next day. Phyto’s Secret De Nuit is hands down the best overnight treatment that I’ve used yet. Packed with macadamia oil (which always makes me think of cookies) and ceramides, the formula feels surprisingly lightweight for a product that delivers this much moisture. It also uses black orchid extract to combat oxidation. I give my hair a good brushing, apply Secret De Nuit, and then braid my hair for the evening to make sure that my hair gets as much moisture as possible without it ending up all over my pillow.

Tone Ocean Therapy body wash: If you can’t visit the ocean, the least you can do is bring it into your shower. Tone’s Ocean Therapy body wash uses deep sea extracts, like sea kelp, pearl essence, and vitamin E for a mineral-rich formula. It doesn’t smell like you might expect, aka like a lot of the “ocean” products on the market, but it does remind me somewhat of salt water taffy. The scent is a mixture of sweet and salty, like a good day at the beach.