Lancome Energie de Vie Cleansing Oil

Truth be told, I can’t imagine using only a single cleanser at night after wearing a full face of makeup. After seeing how easily an oil cleanser melts just about everything off my skin, I can’t imagine going back. I’ve tried so many different formulations, but the one that has truly stood in my experience is the Lancome Energie de Vie Cleansing Oil. (Note: my packaging pictured is different than the current bottle, but they’re both versions of green.)

When I was preparing this post, I wondered how many of you are interested in double cleansing. According to my Twitter poll, not many.

Using an oil as your first cleansing step not only breaks down your makeup, but it also helps to clear out clogged pores. I prefer to use a foam or a gel cleanser (as opposed to a creamy formula) afterwards to give myself the cleanest possible skin. Most recently, I’ve been loving the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse.

But back to the Lancome Energie de Vie Cleansing Oil, it’s become my favorite for two simple reasons: it leaves no oil residue on my skin and removes every bit of makeup. It also contains salicylic acid, so it’s been great for keeping the inevitable summer breakouts away. If you’re hesitant to double cleanse, I get it. Adding another step can seem arduous, but I love massaging the thin oil into my skin to “lift” all the makeup I’ve been wearing. Especially around my eyes and nose, where I can wear the most makeup, it’s so much easier to break down than with an eye makeup remover or makeup wipe.

Speaking of eye makeup remover, I generally don’t have to follow my double cleanse with a separate remover for my eye makeup, as cleansing oil has done most of the work. After massaging the oil cleanser onto dry skin, I rinse with warm water and the oil turns into a milky foam. Each splash of water turns my sink brown as the makeup is removed, and I immediately follow up with a second (gel or foam) cleanser. After that, my skin is ready for a mask or my evening routine.

I suspect that those of you who aren’t opting for an oil cleanser might be using makeup wipes as your first cleansing step. Tell me about your cleansing routine in the comments below, pretty please! <3

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