My friends at Heyday asked me to design my perfect day, appropriately named #MyHeyday. I ended up creating my perfect self care routine as a result and I hope this itinerary inspires you to treat yourself, too!

Sarah Conley No Makeup
A makeup free me, after my 50 minute Heyday facial

I used to find the phrase “self care” trite, but there’s nothing trite about taking care of yourself. My professional life came to a halt before I realized the meaning of the phrase. It took me sitting in a cabin in Maine for days on end while playing Minecraft in an oversized hoodie before I even began to think about feeling normal again. While that was November and this is February, my desire to slow life down & take better care of myself still remains. My friends at Heyday, the super-cool facial shop that makes taking care of your skin as easy as getting a blowout, asked me to dream up #myHeyday – aka my perfect day. I think I took things to a whole new level by turning my day into the ultimate self care routine. Here’s what I did:

  • I started the morning with a brow wax at Exhale Gramercy. My brows had become far too unruly and frankly were embarrassing the rest of my face.
  • Next I hopped down to SoHo for a Paintbox manicure with essie’s spring 2016 collection. I selected the Blank Check design using my bare nail as a base with essie’s Off Tropic, a beautiful deep green.
  • Then I made my way across SoHo to the Bite Lip Lab, where I created my own matte lipstick based on the same color principles that I used to create my custom Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish. I can’t stop wearing it, which is exactly what you’d want in a custom creation.
  • It wouldn’t be #myHeyday without a trip to Heyday for a 50 minute facial. I left feeling renewed and with a touch-up set up samples to use in the next week.
  • Slowing down, I had afternoon tea at Lady Mendl’s with my friend Kibbe for a couple hours. Their strawberry green tea is my favorite, and when combined with courses of tiny sandwiches, scones, and macarons, I was the happiest girl.
  • Naturally the day ended with a round of shopping at Sephora. What can I say? I’m predictable.

While this was a one-time spree, the principles of a great self care day remain. For me, I try to set aside time every Sunday to do my nails, use a favorite mask (or two), touch up my brows, and get things together for the week ahead with a great cup of tea.

Do you do anything special to take care of yourself? Please tell me about your routine in the comments below!

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