Beautyrest Hybrid Recharge
Lola Belle & I on our brand new Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid in Luxury Firm, provided by Simmons

As I’ve often lamented on Twitter, being an adult is tough. Every week it feels as if there’s a new challenge to navigate or responsibility I need to overcome. Frankly, it’s exhausting. I had never shopped for a new mattress and the process felt daunting, but when Beautyrest offered me the chance to test out their Recharge Hybrid mattress, I couldn’t refuse. If you’ve never shopped for a mattress before, it’s not intimidating as you might think. Getting the best sleep possible should be at the top of all our priority lists, don’t you think?

When I moved into my current apartment around five years ago, my mom & I made the dreaded trip to Ikea. Instead of fighting over every detail, there were only a few things I insisted upon: white furniture, a queen sized bed, and specific pops of color. Other than that, she had free reign over any furniture selections. I still remember butting heads when we reached the beds. Even then, I knew that selecting a mattress was a really personal decision and none of the beds available felt just right. Unfortunately I lived with the choices we made that day for five years, so when I had the chance to shop for a new bed, I took my options very seriously.

Simmons wanted me to try a new mattress from the Beautyrest Hybrid Recharge range. I jumped at the chance because new mattresses are wonderful, and I love the idea of being “recharged”. There are four different comfort levels with fancy names like Luxury Firm, Plush, Ultimate Plush, and Ultimate Luxury. My initial intuition was to select the Luxury Firm, but I was intrigued by the Ultimate Luxury and Ultimate Plush descriptions (I’m a snob, but you already know this). I visited a Sleepy’s location on Fifth Avenue to test out the different comfort levels, and I learned a lot in the process.

The staff in the store was incredibly knowledgeable and asked me several questions about my lifestyle. Indicators like the positions you fall asleep and wake up in, the kind of work you do, and your weight can play a vital role in selecting the ideal comfort level. Each style of mattress also provides support in different areas, making them more effective for some lifestyles more than others. Honestly, it was all incredibly fascinating and I left the store wishing I could become friends with the salesman.

Ultimately, my first instincts to select the Luxury Firm were correct. Because I sleep on my stomach (I know, I know), wake up in the same position, and spend the majority of my day on the computer, firm is the best choice for me. I wish I could only get 4-6 hours of sleep a night like Casey Neistat, but I feel much better with 6-8 hours. Needless to say, restful nights are essential.

When my new Beautyrest Hybrid Recharge and foundation were delivered, I was shocked by how much more substantial the mattress is compared to my old bed. They’re worlds apart, and the experience is like upgrading yourself from cramped economy to first class international. They’re known as “hybrid” mattresses because they integrate gel memory foam, cooling fibers, and three additional types of foam designed to provide restoring and energizing sleep.

It’s been about a month & a half since my mattress first arrived, and I’m thrilled to report that I’m sleeping better. My body is better supported, I’m sleeping more solidly through the night, and my bed has once again become my favorite place to be. If Lola Belle moves during the night, she doesn’t wake me up, and I’m excited to feel this fancy foam at work when my mom visits next month.

In the spirit of getting better sleep, please leave tips to get your Beautyrest in the comments below! We can’t always get more sleep, but we can make the best of the sleep we do get.

This post was produced in partnership with Simmons Beautyrest. Their mattress this post possible and I’m (clearly) loving my new bed! Please click here for more information about sponsored content on style•it. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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