Ella Ceron Red Lipstick

(Really Red is a photo project celebrating red lips and the women who love them. If you’re a red lip devotee, please visit the launch post for more info & to submit your own. Afraid to go red? I hope these photos inspire you to find your own perfect shade!)

Ella and I met a few years ago at a secret project I’m fairly certain we still can’t contractually talk about. Honestly, it kind of feels like the chicest mafia imaginable, but I digress. The most important things to know about her are that she takes Instagram very seriously (as she should), she’s seriously funny on Twitter, and she has the biggest heart. I thought it was time you got a chance to fall in love with her. <3

  • Name: Ella Ceron
  • Age: 25
  • Red of choice: MAC Cosmetics in “Red She Said,” a limited edition from years ago. I’m hoarding my last tube in my fridge to make it last as long as I can.
  • First red memory: watching videos of Selena when I was about 3 or 4. (She was killed when I was little and my whole family mourned the loss of our Latina princess.)
  • Tip for finding the perfect red: test drive a color for a day. Such a bright color might make you feel self-conscious at first, but true boldness is often in how comfortable you are in your own skin at any given moment. The red you forget you even have on is the one you were meant to be wearing all along.