Ariel in RiRi Woo(Really Red is a photo project celebrating red lips and the women who love them. If you’re a red lip devotee, please visit the launch post for more info & to submit your own. Afraid to go red? I hope these photos inspire you to find your own perfect shade!)

  • Name: Ariel (kiddotrue, if you’re nasty)
  • Age: 30 (31 next month!)
  • Red of Choice: RiRi Woo. Always. I don’t feel dressed without a swipe of it and a scowl. (Yes, I’m a shameless Rihanna stan, but there is also a slight difference in the color that pushes it just ahead of Ruby Woo.)
  • First red memory: Makeup wasn’t a big deal in my household (I had to learn it allllll on my own in the pre-YouTube beauty guru tutorial days) so my first red memories are tied to cartoons. Seeing characters like Ursula, Jessica Rabbit and later, Oblina from AHHHH… Real Monsters wear red lipstick and be badass left the idea that red lipstick = badass permanently entrenched in my head.
  • Tip for finding the perfect red: TRY EVERYTHING. It hurts my heart to hear people say that they can’t wear red or that other people shouldn’t wear red for whatever garbage reason. I promise you there’s one for you and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
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