Shades of brown can be so much more than your average nude.

Best Brown Nail Polishes

This is going to sound crazy, but ever since I saw Moana on The Bachelor in 2006 wearing deep chocolate nail polish, I’ve become obsessed. It kept the depth of black, the warmth of brown, and edginess of similar almost-black shades like inky blue or blood red. It’s like the denim of nail colors. It’s perfect. Since then I’ve tried every shade of brown I can get my hands on and without a doubt, these are what I’d consider to be the best brown nail polishes.

essie Lady Godiva

essie’s Lady Godiva is similar (if not the exact) shade that started it all. This deep chocolate brown includes a hint of red undertones.

Sally Hansen Head Bang

Sally Hansen’s Head Bang is a grunge-inspired color created by Global Ambassador Madeline Poole. If it makes you want to put on a velvet choker & plaid, you’re channeling the right vibes.

CoverGirl Toasted Almond

CoverGirl’s Toasted Almond was the second brown nail polish that I feel deeply in love with. It came out when taupe shades, like Sally Hansen’s Metro Chic were all the rage, but it was more brown than grey in a refreshing way. In comparison to Head Bang (above) it is cooler, but it’s still an unexpected take on neutral nails.

JinSoon Verismo

Last, but certainly not least, is a bit of a wild card. JinSoon’s Verismo is actually a black base with gold glitter that translates on the nails as a dimensional brown. It’s part of her fall 2015 collection inspired by the opera, specifically the costumes the performers wear.

Have I missed your favorite brown nail polish? Please tell me in the comments so I can check it out!