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Whenever my hair is freshly colored, there’s a sense of satisfaction that sweeps over me. Or as we say on Twitter, I’ve ascended to my final form. In my heart, I’m a redhead of various shades based on my whims (I am a Gemini, after all).

Thanks to the Instagram time machine, I last dyed my hair 45 weeks ago, thanks to the lovely & talented people at Serge Normant at John Frieda. Trust me when I say I felt very fancy. I was fighting my way through an actual nervous breakdown, and you can tell by the caption that the restorative effects of returning to red were very similar. And yet, here I am 10 months later with a refresh that feels so much bigger than re-upping my power center. It feels like I’ve finally moved past all the chaos of the year.

According to the rules of hair care (what up. Legally Blonde reference), I should have been touching up my roots & glossing by January. My first doctor’s appointment was January 20th, and from there it was a supersonic ride through cancer. By the time the summer rolled around, a season known for causing major hair damage through the effects of UV rays, salt, and chlorine, it didn’t make sense to add the stress of bleach to my strands when I’d just been medically cleared for the beach.

So, here we are. I’m more than three months from my trip to the emergency room. My body is undergoing mind-boggling shifts on a daily basis. And until last Friday, I had dark brown roots down to my ears. I’m so grateful to Janelle Chaplin (an actual genius) and the team at O&M NYC for inviting me in for a cut & color service. Janelle has worked her magic on my hair before, so she was already familiar with my need to be so vividly red that my hair is visible from space.

The finished product is much more magnificent than I could have imagined. For maintenance, I’ve already scheduled a gloss for Friday and bought Manic Panic in Psychedelic Sunset to mix in with Original & Mineral’s Seven Day Moisture Mask. If you didn’t know that you could create your own color depositing conditioner with Manic Panic, allow me to direct you to this handy tutorial I created back in 2013.

My new hair color makes me feel like a supervillain and I couldn’t be happier. I finally feel whole again.

O&M NYC Salon Janelle Chaplin

O&M NYC Salon Janelle Chaplin
The incredible Janelle Chaplin. And yes, she’s wearing the ASOS Curve sheer polka dot shirt we’re all obsessed with. See? She has excellent taste.
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