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I Have Cancer – And It’s Okay

Sarah Conley

It’s crazy how you can go from feeling relieved one day to totally blindsided the next, but here I am. The pathology results from my last procedure came back and they found cancer. Things are still unclear, but so far I’ve been told that this is the best possible scenario, all things considered. There’s a lot […]

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Really Red: Hillary in NARS

hillary kline

(Really Red is a photo project celebrating red lips and the women who love them. If you’re a red lip devotee, please visit the launch post for more info & to submit your own. Afraid to go red? I hope these photos inspire you to find your own perfect shade!) Name: Hillary Kline Age: 28 Red […]

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How I Did My Own Makeup For TV (And You Can Too)

Sarah Conley People Now

Thanks to my partnership with Dove for their #SpeakBeautiful campaign, I’ve been making appearances at events and live tv interviews. I genuinely enjoy the process of getting ready so I always opt to do my own makeup (my hair needs all the help it can get). Once a beauty girl, always a beauty girl! The look […]

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