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Exploring the World of Natural Makeup

Exploring Natural Makeup

One of the first conversations I had with Angel Doctor was about nail polish. At first it seemed like an honest attempt to bond, but I slowly realized that not only was I in the hands of a skilled endocrinologist, but also someone who is naturally curious about the world we live in. We talked […]

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How I Did My Own Makeup For TV (And You Can Too)

Sarah Conley People Now

Thanks to my partnership with Dove for their #SpeakBeautiful campaign, I’ve been making appearances at events and live tv interviews. I genuinely enjoy the process of getting ready so I always opt to do my own makeup (my hair needs all the help it can get). Once a beauty girl, always a beauty girl! The look […]

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Creating My Perfect Self Care Day #myHeyday

Self Care Sunday

My friends at Heyday asked me to design my perfect day, appropriately named #MyHeyday. I ended up creating my perfect self care routine as a result and I hope this itinerary inspires you to treat yourself, too! I used to find the phrase “self care” trite, but there’s nothing trite about taking care of yourself. […]

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