There is beauty in everything, but here on Style It, the beauty category is for the true product junkies. Do you own five of the same lipstick shades & swear they are all different? Me too. Do you immediately order the latest product launch from a brand you love because you need to know what the experience is like before anyone else? Oh yeah. I spend more time watching makeup and skincare videos on YouTube than I do primetime tv programming. Of all the beauty products I have the privilege of trying out, I only write about approximately 25% of them. I believe in the products I write about, but reserve the right to love five others that do the exact same thing. My favorite category is makeup, and I’m the most passionate about lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and cream blush. My skincare knowledge is ever-evolving & I love fragrances that make me feel. What about you?

Makeup Monday: NARS Lip Cover

NARS Lip Covers

The NARS Lip Covers are highly underrated and dare I say, the best liquid lip formula to come out this year. Lip Cover lives somewhere between a liquid lipstick and a fully pigmented stain-gloss, but defies definition at both ends of the spectrum. It doesn’t dry down matte like traditional liquid lipsticks, but it doesn’t run […]

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Shop This Now: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty

Did you feel that? It’s your credit card shaking in terror at the thought of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Unlike the fashion styles in the sale, the beauty selection is full of supersized, exclusive, and limited-edition products. There are three types of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases: the supersized favorite (think Kiehl’s Creme De Corps (my […]

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All Dressed Up For The Emergency Room

Paperself Gold Leaf Tattoos

This post is an update to my announcement I Have Cancer – And It’s Okay, as well as a follow-up to My Body Is Changing and I Don’t Know How To Feel About It. If you haven’t read either of those posts, I recommend starting there. Last Sunday started off innocently enough. My friend Kelly very […]

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