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I Have Cancer – And It’s Okay

Sarah Conley

It’s crazy how you can go from feeling relieved one day to totally blindsided the next, but here I am. The pathology results from my last procedure came back and they found cancer. Things are still unclear, but so far I’ve been told that this is the best possible scenario, all things considered. There’s a lot […]

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Five Great: Podcasts

Five Great Podcasts

I know that Serial blew the doors off podcasting, but podcasts have existed for many years prior to Sarah Koenig’s incredible journalism. My favorite podcast back in the day (circa 2009-2010) were personality driven, like the frequently missed Rumor Girls (RIP). These days, I am focusing on shows that will help me achieve my goals of furthering […]

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My Sixteen Goals for 2016

Sixteen In 2016

I read somewhere in a horoscope that this year, Geminis will spend the year looking back and moving thoughtfully forward. I’ve been thinking about what comes next, all while taking a look back at my achievements, challenges, passions, and skills. If you’ve found yourself staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering, ‘what now?’, you’re […]

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