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Personal insights plus my favorite tips, tricks, and lifehacks for living a more stylish life. I’m all about setting goals, staying organized, and sharing the strategies that work for me. I love digital organization services, like Todoist and Trello, but I l also prefer to have paper lists and a well-organized Filofax. Organization is my number one productivity hack and a great starting place when your task list feels overwhelming. A stylish lifestyle is about more than being productive and organized. It’s about seamlessly blending your personal style with your ability to get things done, leaving everyone around you wondering how you have time for it all. Everyone has a method for getting it all done – this is mine.

My Weekend With The 2016 Lincoln Navigator

2016 Lincoln Navigator

My first car was a 1995 white Ford Escort hatchback that my mom generously purchased. It was nicknamed The White Rabbit, festooned with zebra seat covers, and took me absolutely everywhere (including all the places I shouldn’t have gone – sorry mom). After that, I moved on to a brand-new Honda Accord that became too […]

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Photo Diary: A Day On The Lake, Maine

Messalonskee Lake

In a rush of spontaneity, I decided to rent a car for eight days and run away to Maine. I spent nearly two weeks there last fall after a breakdown, brought a much younger Lola Belle with me in 2012, and captured what I still believe to be one of the most epic outfit photos of […]

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All Dressed Up For The Emergency Room

Paperself Gold Leaf Tattoos

This post is an update to my announcement I Have Cancer – And It’s Okay, as well as a follow-up to My Body Is Changing and I Don’t Know How To Feel About It. If you haven’t read either of those posts, I recommend starting there. Last Sunday started off innocently enough. My friend Kelly very […]

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