Reviews of apps that make our lives easier, both for iOS and Android.

Not Just Another Pokemon Go Hot Take

Playing Pokemon Go in Sephora

In the days since Pokemon Go was released, I’ve seen many tweets spewing vitriol and outrage at game players. Listen, I get it. Pop culture phenomenon can be tricky to navigate and often, it’s not the “thing” you’re upset with, but how people choose to use it. This is precisely how I feel about religion and […]

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Tech Talk: style•it iOS App

style it the app

  I can’t believe I finally get to type these words – style•it has an iOS app! Here’s how it happened: this cool company DWNLD contacted me and asked if they could help me set up an app. Who am I to refuse? I’ve explored having an app before, because making content easier to access […]

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Tech Talk: Five Essential Android Apps

Top 5 Android Apps

Being on Android sometimes feels like getting picked second-to-last in PE class. We’re not completely undesirable, but we’re not ‘cool kids’ either. It feels like the tide may slowly be turning, thanks to a variety of high performance phone options and more platform awareness. I’ve written at length about my struggles with Android, but now that […]

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