Technology has become such an integral part of our lives, which is why it’s important now more than ever that it be both stylish and functional.

Help Me Help You – Take The 2016 Reader Survey

2016 Style It Reader Survey

Since I started Style It in October of 2006, the site’s content has changed as I’ve grown. It’s been a strange experience looking over posts from the past nine years. Not only has my content changed, but changes in my taste, focus, politics, and priorities have been reflected in my posts. I’ve been privileged to […]

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New Year’s Eve, Party Of One

Coco Chanel Quote

I’ll never forget December 31, 1999. Everyone was convinced that Y2K was going to bring our world to a screeching halt, and although I knew that probably wouldn’t happen, I still loved participating in the paranoia. My teenage room was decorated with strands of white Christmas lights and I danced awkwardly to Prince’s 1999 as the ball dropped. The world didn’t end, […]

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How To Shop Online Like A Pro (And Save $)

How To Shop Online Like A Pro

No matter how many years you’ve been shopping online or how quickly you can enter your credit card number during checkout, the holidays can push any shopper to their limits. Through the years, I’ve tried a lot of services that claim to make the experience easier, but most don’t hold up over time. These six browser extensions, services, […]

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Tech Talk: What’s The Deal With Wireless Charging?

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging technology has been slow to evolve. You might remember products from a couple of years ago that claimed to be wireless, but you still needed to use a special case or an adapter to tap into the functionality (I still have one of those mats somewhere in my house). These days the technology has become so […]

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