Introducing Friends of Style IT, a new interview series that offers a bit of insight (plus a side serving of whit and giggles) into the lives of some of the most superhuman people I know.

5ee5bb713971e978_cnoricks-tutu2-XL.previewI’ve known Crosby….well, our friendship feels infinite. I don’t remember when or how I met her and I can’t imagine a time when she wouldn’t be in my life. She lives in a magical land called San Diego and works at an interactive agency, but that’s just the tip of a long list of lovely things about her. She’s the brains behind PR Couture, a site dedicated to highlighting the latest from the world of fashion pr. In addition, she recently authored a book on entering the industry, entitled Ready To Launch: The PR Couture Guide To Breaking Into Fashion PR. In her free time (she actually has free time, thanks to her super powers), she’s also a Coco Rocha-level Irish dancer and has brunch at a cafe that looks like a tree house. See, I told you – magical.

Want to know more about Crosby? Check out her answers to my prying questions, below.

How did you get your start in the industry?

During graduate school I worked for a celebrity-inspired e-commerce jewelry company. When US Weekly does a spread on how to get the “Red Carpet Look for Less,” it was my job to make sure that we were there. I also developed designed and managed email marketing and creative copy for the site.

What’s the funniest fashion mishap that you’ve witnessed? Bonus points if it’s actually happened to you.

What is currently coming to mind is when Sarah was visiting me in San Diego and we were sitting in the mall and she began to count how many women were carrying LV bags. As a result, I can’t go anywhere without doing the same. Sameness is the worst fashion mishap.

Where are you taking your next vacation?

I’m looking forward to visiting Rwanda in the next year or so to work with a women’s jewelry co-op for my latest project GIVEN.

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve ever received?

A smart woman knows that once it’s an accident, twice it’s a choice.

If you wanted to dispel one myth about the fashion industry, what would it be?

There’s been a lot out there recently about PR girls being like mean girls, superficial girls, more interested in stilettos than smarts kind of girls. And sure, those girls are out there. But in the five years since starting PR Couture I have met an incredible group of strategic, creative, hard-working, brilliant, kind and generous women. I feel proud to know and am indebted to their support of me and the site.

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