As a New Yorker, headphones have become an integral part of my everyday life. They bring me closer to my favorite music thanks to Spotify, deliver an enthralling 16 year old murder mystery story told by Serial, and drown out the endless construction sounds around me (thanks, progress). I change headphones daily, based on my schedule, my outfit, my hair, or even the weather because the slightest tweak in utility can make the biggest difference. I’ve tried a lot of different types and I’ve selected my three favorite pairs of stylish headphones, just in time for the holidays!

 Samsung Level Over in White

Samsung Level Over White Headphones
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Make no bones about it, the Samsung Level Over wireless Bluetooth headphones are large & in charge, but that’s part of what I love about them. They are noise cancelling, making them the perfect choice for noisy coffee shops, drowning out construction chaos, or even “showtime!” performers on the subway. My favorite way to use them is when I’m working from home, cycling between podcasts, music, and conference calls. It’s easy to do, thanks to the invisible control panel on the right ear that lets me change songs forward and back, pause, and adjust the volume. Bonus points for my ability to make another cup coffee or answer the door for a delivery while my coworkers on the other end of the conference call carry on blissfully unaware.

The Level Over is the most expensive pair on the list, largely due to the wireless technology, but they’re on sale right now at BestBuy for $250, around $100 off the original price of $350.

Beats by Dre Solo HD Drenched In Pink 

Beats Drenched In Color Magenta Headphones
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You know I couldn’t resist including a vibrant pair of pink headphones in this list. No shame if it’s one of your favorite colors too – Oscar de la Renta added it in punches throughout the pre-fall 2015 collection, so we’re in good company. The Beats by Dre Solo HD Drenched in Pink are the most travel friendly of my picks, thanks to hinges in the band that allow them to fold up into half the size. Beats by Dre are, as the name suggests, heavy on the bass, but that enhances the listening experience on the street or during commutes. It helps the music come alive in a crowded listening environment, which I really appreciate. Sirens and train delay announcements? No thank you.

In addition to being the most travel friendly, these Beats by Dre Solo HD Drenched in Pink are the least expensive of my picks, on sale for $136 from Target Electronics.

Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones in Mint

Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Mint Headphones
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I love that Bose has stepped into the style game with the SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones in Mint. I grew up in a house where Bose was a respected and coveted brand, so I’ve always had a dream of bringing it into my life as an adult. The mint color is so fresh and mixes perfectly with my favorite winter trends (spoiler alert: pastels!) that I couldn’t help but swoon from the moment I saw them. These are a great middle ground between the Samsung Level Over and the Beats by Dre Sold HD Drenched in Pink, both in utility and size. I love the Around Ear style because the cups are larger, making them more comfortable for prolonged wear and better at blocking out noise than on-ear styles. While these don’t collapse, the ears do swivel making it easy to twist them flat (like on my bag below) or to wear around your neck. The sound is balanced and pure, so step up the quality on those Spotify streams and enjoy!

Bose is offering the SoundTrue Around Ear Heaphones in Mint for $150, down from the regular price of $180.

Major thanks to my mom & Kibbe for helping me shoot these gorgeous photos!

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