Plus Size Shopping Resources

Because shopping can be a bit of a challenge, I’ve put together a list of my favorite plus size shopping resources. I’ve also included sizing information and any coupon codes to help you save big. If applicable, the links will take you directly to the plus size section of the website. Happy shopping!

Budget Friendly:

Department Stores:

International Retailers with US shipping:

Exclusively Plus:

Specialty Retailers:

Flash Sale Retailers:

Plus Size Clothing Rentals:

Home Shopping Channels:

  • Courtney Landes

    I get a lot of office-appropriate clothing from Dress Barn. I don’t buy slacks there, because the only options they have in petite length are the control-top/slimming kind, and I don’t do built in shapewear. (I’ll wear shapewear once in a blue moon to something like a wedding, but on a daily basis? No. Just no.)

    They do, however, have an excellent selection of dresses, blouses, jackets, and sweaters. They dedicate half of their brick and mortar stores to plus sizes, and have an excellent online selection. It’s not super-cheap, but the prices are cheaper than most department stores (maybe on par with JCPenney?) They also have regular sales and are very good about finding inventory available at different locations. Most importantly, I have never, ever, felt unwelcome there.

  • Thanks so much for sharing, Courtney! I honestly just can’t get over the name. Barn….so…..the opposite of what I want to look like!

  • Courtney Landes

    Yes, the name is…unfortunate. I want to say they’ve been around since some time in the 90s. They came up around the same time that we got Hit or Miss and Fashion Bug stores (which, sadly, are no more.)