Panache Tango Plus Size
In my well loved Panache Tango, before the fitting.

As much as I love to tweet about the joys of taking my bra off after a long day (it’s the best feeling in the world), bras are a crucial part of my wardrobe. As I know many well-endowed women can relate, there’s one bra brand (if you’re lucky, maybe two) that makes underpinnings in your size and as a result, you become fiercely loyal. Panache has become that brand for me, and I rely on them for my everyday support, but like any shopper, I like to keep my options open. Call it retail FOMO.

Intimacy has declared March National Bra Fit Styling Month, and it’s no coincidence that it coincides with Women’s History Month. A great fitting bra can not only make your clothes instantly fit better, but is an instant confidence booster and is imperative to ensure that you’re receiving the proper support. Gravity is a bitch, y’all.

Panache Tango Plus Size
My “before” size. I’ve worn this bra out!

I’m thrilled to partner with Intimacy to spread the word about #GetBraFit, a movement to encourage you – yes, you – to get fit for a bra. It’s important to check in every six months and have an expert evaluate your current situation. What I love about about the Intimacy experts in particular is that they see a great cross-section of brands and can advise which style would work best for you, as opposed to staying within one brand’s selection.

Elomi Plus Size
One of the fit tests – the Caitlyn from Elomi

I went to the Flatiron store on 5th Avenue – the same store where I shot my Racked plus size shopping feature – and worked directly with the store manager, Candece. She evaluated my current fit and we tried the Elomi Caitlyn, a style that I have previously worn, before heading back into my comfort zone with the Panache Tango. The location only had one bra in my size available, so Candece hopped both phones at the register to call other Intimacy stores around the country for additional colors. She also made sure that I had accessories, like extenders (necessary, in my case) and lingerie wash to extend the life of my new bras.

Panache Tango Plus Size
My new bra! One band size larger in my beloved Panache Tango

As someone with a hard to fit size, I know how intimidating it can be to get fit in unfamiliar environments. I’ve had negative experiences at many of the “famous” “fit experts” in NYC that left me walking away in actual tears. I’ve never once felt uncomfortable at Intimacy and I’d highly recommend the experience for anyone of any size. Candece and I have already been emailing about the new Elomi swimsuits for summer, so we’re practically bffs.

If you’d like to set up an appointment for a fitting, visit Intimacy’s store locator to find a location near you.

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  • Heather

    Yes – a friend and I (both of us plus-size) went to one of the “famous” fitters, as part of a larger NYC shopping trip and we were both incredibly unhappy with the experience: me because the fitter (who happened to be the owner) took one look at me, proclaimed me to be a 42DD (which is the whole reason I was there – 42DDs were too big!) and then got huffy when I suggested that perhaps I was a smaller band/bigger cup (which I am) and then proceeded to give me crap customer service, and her because the one of the straps on the very expensive bra she was talked into broke on the second wearing.
    I’ll have to look for an Intimacy store the next time I need to buy bras.