Election Day Pantsuit

#ImWithHer and I’ve been with her since 2004. While sitting around retired factory sewing machines in class at the University of Arkansas, my classmates and I passionately argued about politics. Our teacher made us all put our sewing scissors down and back away from the table.

Growing up in Arkansas meant that Hillary was an ever-present political figure. At most, I remember vague details from the scandals that dotted Bill’s time as Governor. I didn’t understand politics was or why I should truly care until college, and from the moment I tuned in, she’s been my choice for President. It’s true that I was a young Republican in high school, but I only joined because it’s where all the hot guys and popular girls hung out.

I walked to my polling place this morning and proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Madam President. Not just because she’s a woman. Not just because Trump is incompetent and I cannot find the capacity to respect anyone who votes for him. She has been singularly focused on this moment for her entire political career. She has strategically diversified her experience to become the most qualified candidate we’ve ever had the opportunity to elect to our highest office.

No matter what happens tonight (or tomorrow or next week should this drama continue to drag on), I participated in history today. The boundaries of possibility for women have been forever stretched.

Get the look: Collection by Evans floral pyjama jacket and pants | I Feel Like Hillz Madam President tee (I’m wearing an XL) | HAUSOFELLE heavy leather choker | Smoking slippers, a Nordstrom Rack find (similar, similar) | 

Election Day Pantsuit

Election Day Pantsuit
Photos by Kristin Booker

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