Reformation Fall-ish
The sign outside the Reformation store on Howard Street captured the fall-ish mood

How do you know it’s September in New York? Just look for all the fashion people wearing leather jackets in 75 degree weather.

A fall-ish outfit

Black bags. Black jackets. Black pants. Black lipstick. It’s time to put on our fall-ish masquerade, the game we play when we’re still sweating and yet pretending it’s cool enough to wear a lightweight jacket & our hair down. The sun sets earlier, the breeze has a certain crispness and the big chill is coming all too soon. Until then, let’s mix our favorite summer styles with new fall additions that are too wonderful to keep tucked away in our closets.

Each new season represents an opportunity for reinvention. Fall makes me want to be tougher, putting less of an emphasis on pretty. I’ve got places to go and dreams to achieve. I’mm not static, so why should my photos be? Smile so people think you’re approachable. Don’t shoot me from the side so no one can see exactly how far my belly sticks out. Heaven forbid someone actually realizes I’m fat.

In many ways, fall is just another excuse to hide. Hide behind moto jackets, sweaters, and indoors when the weather makes a sharp turn towards winter. Hide underneath hats with oversized handbags and flannel shirts tied around our waists. Camo is trending, so be sure to camouflage yourself among society’s expectations. Blend in for fear of sticking out.

But maybe you’re tired of blending in, like me. Maybe you’re tired of putting one hand on your hip and crossing your ankles to pose sweetly for the camera. Being beautiful is boring, and I want to be so much more than that.

So here I am with my visible belly outline (VBO), double chin, resting bitch face (RBF), and flat ass. I don’t want to “sell” you a dream. This is my reality. Thank goodness I’m smart.

Get the look: Old Navy boatneck tee (similar) | ELOQUII printed wide leg pants (same silhouette, same print) | ellos matte black faux leather moto jacket | Cambridge Satchel North South Tote (also worn here & here) | Birkenstock Arizona sandals | Microsoft Band 2

A fall-ish outfit

A fall-ish outfit

Fall-ish Atmosphere

Fall-ish Accessories

Photos by the inspirational Kristin Booker

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