If my job didn’t require me to have human contact on a weekly basis and attend events (note: this is not a white whine), I would live in Maine for eternity. It’s the exact opposite of NYC. No one cares what (or who) you’re wearing. There’s no overwhelming sense of anxiety or pretense. Of course the flip side of this is an abundance of canidates for the latest People of Wal-Mart post and men picking their nose on the highway, but let’s be honest – that’s most of America. Someday when I’m ready for life to be slow and boring, Maine is #1 on my list.

In true Maine fashion, I didn’t spend Black Friday fighting. Instead we headed up to the Moosehead Lake region, where moose outnumber people 3:1. There’s this really cool area centered around Katahdin Iron Works (check out the Wikipedia article – it’s fascinating) and we discovered the most beautiful views stretched across the lake. Mountains as far as the eye can see, with the edges of the water just beginning to freeze. It was so breathtaking!

Outfit details:

Sunnies: Tom Ford

Faux fur scarf: H&M

Striped tee: Land’s End

Cable knit sweater: Land’s End

Jeggings: Lane Bryant

Boots: Sorel

Coat: SimplyBe

Clutch: mark

Necklace: Adia Kibur (no longer available)

Arrow earrings: Bing Bang (no longer available)

Watch: Skagen Denmark

Bracelets: red – Lifetherapy, black & silver wrap bracelet – Bauble Bar, silver wrap bracelet (no longer available), Swarovski Elements (no longer available)

Nails: Essie Butler Please


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