Makeup Monday: Rose Colored Glasses

As buckets of snow are currently pouring from the sky, I’m romanticizing the days when I only need a light jacket and the grass begins to peek through cracks in the sidewalk. The closest I’ll get to rosy pinks and perky flowers are the aisles of CVS, so I patch those feelings by reaching for the cheeriest products in my makeup collection. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve focused on solving problems and not enjoying the process of applying makeup. Learn from me, friends! Don’t just reach for the work horses – grab some show ponies, too!

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream ($48): You may have noticed a distinct lack of CC and BB cream coverage around here. In all honesty, I’ve reached maximum capacity for these types of do-it-all balms. I still think about my foundation products through an oily skin lens, so there are very few that I feel comfortable with. In the spirit of being open-minded, I grabbed my tube of PTR’s CC Cream from the back of the drawer and decided to give it another shot. I love that it contains vitamin c and broad spectrum SPF 30, plus evens out my skin tone. I also love that some days it is all that I want to wear, but if I feel like I might need more coverage I will add in a foundation and concealer. I don’t feel like it is moisturizing enough on its own, but I mostly prefer to moisturize underneath all of my foundation products. While I’m not sold on the category in general, if I had to pick a favorite CC Cream, this would be it.

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast ($25): Part of the reason that I think everyone swoons over YSL’s Touche Eclat is how thin the formula is. That thinness allows it to blend into the skin seamlessly, concealing imperfections undetected. I have left the MAC Prep + Prime Highlighters sitting in a drawer unloved, but it wasn’t until Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog’s recent videos that I gave them a second look. Turns out that Bright Forecast is a beautiful peach that is an excellent under eye corrector. I really love that it sinks into the skin and doesn’t leave a tacky surface for my mascara and eyeliner to run onto. Who knew? (Karen, that’s who.)

CoverFX Nourishing Foundation Primer ($38) (note: my bottle is in old packaging): Another one of those products that I reach for only in the worst of winter weather, the Cover FX Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti-Aging Serum is a special kind of product. Squeezing it out onto the back of your hand, it feels thick, but as you rub it in it feels slick, almost like an oil, and then disappears into the skin. It makes the biggest difference in how my skin feels, both to the touch and after being exposed to harsh winter conditions. I can imagine that it would also yield wonderful results for aging skin thanks to an infusion of moisture, peptides, and multi-vitamins. Pretty sure that after reading this, my mom is going to call me and ask why I haven’t told her about it yet. Sorry mom!

Kevyn Aucoin The Loose Shimmer Shadow in Rose Quartz ($29): Emphasis on the rose, this eyeshadow is reminiscent of the rosiest of the rose golds. This isn’t an Urban Decay Naked 3 rose gold, but a more sophisticated warmth that is so complex it almost has duochrome properties. The rollerball packaging can be a bit intimidating, but try rolling a bit of the powder onto the back of your hand and picking it up with a brush. Unblended, the color seems like a shimmering pink, but as it blends across your eye it becomes warmer and multi-dimensional. If you’ve been looking for a rose gold shadow, give this one a try.

Too Faced Radiant Glow Face Powder ($32): Just because Too Faced is known for their bronzers, ┬ádon’t discount the less bronzy radiance products. These heart-shaped beads are the perfect answer to the pasty winter skin we’re all experiencing. Equal parts highlighter, warmth, pinks, and peaches, running a brush across the beads and onto your cheekbones will brighten your day. Use a dense brush for more color or a fluffier brush for a more subtle effect. Besides, how could you look at these and not smile?

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