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Kicking NYFW off for me was the perfect trifecta of beauty – Gregory Arlt for MAC Cosmetics, Danilo for Pantene and Keri Blair for MAC (nails). Although Desigual isn’t my style, the fact that this particular collection was designed by Christian Lacroix is pretty tough to ignore. It was the brand’s first show in New York (previously shown in Europe), so it was very clear that they were here to make a big impact with a high energy show designed to entice the buyers and build buzz, more so than any other show that I saw following.

Desigual Makeup SS2014

To create the ‘effortless beauty with a pop of color look’, key artist Gregory Arlt used MAC’s Casual Color in Out For Fun on the lips and buffed into the cheeks. You might remember this multitasking product from a few seasons ago, but it will be back in new shades for SS2014. To create this look now, try MAC’s Neon Orange lipstick.

Desigual Makeup SS2014

A bit of Cream Colour Base in Hush and Pearl was used to highlight the high points of the face on top of Face and Body Foundation.

Desigual Makeup SS2014 Gregory Arlt

You might know key artist Gregory Arlt’s work on his celebrity clients like Gwen Stefani, Dita Von Teese, Minnie Driver, and Michelle Trachtenberg. He’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Find him on Twitter & Instagram (DO IT).

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Nails by Keri Blair

The nail look was created by Keri Blair, who you might also recognize as one of the creative powerhouses backstage for MAC. A twist on the classic French manicure, the dot of color was placed at the tip to look like it had almost “popped” onto the nail. To create the look, she used MAC polishes in Steamy, Fiestaware, and Impassioned.

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Nails

For more of Keri’s amazing work, find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Hair Test

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Pantene Keratin Repair

For the hair, Danilo created a look that was about the undone elegance. To prep the hair, he used AquaLight Weightless Conditioning Shake (one of his all-time favorite products)  for detangling and conditioning. For texture, he applied Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Cream and polished the hair with Advanced Keratin Repair Keragloss Oil Mist before parting the hair down the center and pulling into a low ponytail with a round elastic. Then he folded the ponytail under and half wrapped the ends around the elastic, securing the ends with crisscrossed bobby pins.

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Hair by Danilo

Backstage Beauty Desigual SS2014 Danilo

For more Danilo, follow him on Twitter.

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Henri Bendel Carlyle Tote

With the official start of New York Fashion Week kicking off tomorrow, I thought that I would quickly share what I’m packing in my bag this season. I’ve been attending fashion week for over seven years – this is my 15th season – so I feel like I have a pretty good handle what and how to pack. Even if you’re not attending NYFW, this can also be translated to your next conference, flight, or festival.

This season, my friends at Henri Bendel were gracious enough to send me The Carlyle Color Blocked Tote for me to carry. The rich wine and cream color blocking is a great nod to the over-saturated black & white trend, but in a fresh fall color palette. The Carlyle also meets my #1 one handbag requirement with the short handles and the cross body strap, making it easy to carry on long days.

HP Envy X2

There’s so much to see and do at NYFW and surrounding events that you want to capture and document every moment. I’ve streamlined my tech this season for maximum productivity and minimum devices. Here’s what I’m using:

Samsung Galaxy S4: I have tried so many phones and while I find most of them to be acceptable and usable for most low to mid-tech users, the Samsung Galaxy S4 far and away exceeds any device experience that I have had before. It has taken me a long time to come around to the Android OS,  but the Samsung skin of Jelly Bean is a long way from my first experience with the platform. The larger screen size and upgraded keyboard (compared with the iPhone) has made my productivity while mobile a lot higher as well. If you haven’t considered the Galaxy S4, it might be time that you did.

HP Envy X2: These days it seems like whenever I have a full day hopping around the city to meetings, appointments, and events, I feel like I need both my laptop for productivity and my iPad for my commute. Although I just received the HP Envy X2 today, I am already in love with HP’s fresh take on computing, combining a laptop & tablet into one device. I’m excited to put it through the paces this season. If your interest is piqued before my full review, you can check out the X2 specs here.

MeCam: Through my many seasons covering NYFW, I have seen a lot of things ranging from surprising debut collections to major attitudes and bad behavior. This season I’m putting a twist on the coverage by wearing the MeCam, a tiny, wearable camera no larger than a MAC blush. With the push of an easily accessible button, I can record 720p video. It’s going to be such a fun experiment – I can’t wait to see how the footage comes out!

What's In My Bag NYFW Edition

I should have been a Girl Scout, because I always try to be prepared for anything. I keep gift cards, cash, and change in my easily organized Miss Bendel Mini Zip. In my Marc by Mac Jacobs Techno Key Pouch, I keep a spare battery for my Galaxy S4 and earbud headphones. Normally I prefer bigger headphones, but practicality rules during NYFW. On the off chance that anything should go wrong (and it always does), I’m keeping a Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit with me at all times – just in case. Even though I’m not bringing any paper with me this season, I’m packing the Henri Bendel Cross Your T’s Stylus & Pen. You never know when ink could come in handy and the bottom of the pen also doubles as a stylus for all touchscreen devices.

NYFW Snacks

When you’re crisscrossing the city, it’s often difficult to find time to eat, much less put anything remotely healthy in body between venti lattes and champagne. I always turn to KIND bars when I’m in need of a healthy snack and this NYFW season is no different. Every season, there’s a phenomenon that I refer to as the Fashion Flu that strikes towards the end of the week when everyone is worn out and delirious. To keep my immune system fueled, I always carry two Emergen-C packets at all times. The pink lemonade is the tastiest! When you’re meeting so many people, it’s important to have fresh breath at all times. These 32 breath treatments are like minty-fresh Pop Rocks from the 90s and eliminate even the worst onion breath.

More on what is in my NYFW beauty bag soon. What do you carry on a daily basis?

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Tracy Reese SS2014 Inspiration

Tracy Reese SS2014 Inspiration

Tracy Reese just released her inspiration for her upcoming SS2014 runway show:

“Tracy Reese spring 2014 radiates sensuality, energy and optimism with an array of bold, spirited styles infused with Afro-Cuban influences to create an aesthetic full of texture and movement. Balancing fresh, feminine styles and modern sportswear, the collection is rich in detail, including leather and raffia embroideries and authentic athletic accents. Silhouettes range from crop-tops paired with full midi-skirts and cropped trousers to signature fit and flare frocks. Textile highlights include geometric laces, tribal embroideries and bonded technical knits. Prints, always a staple of Tracy Reese collections, include mixed scale gingham and window pane, tropical floral placements and tribal geometrics in a spectrum of pinks, blues, greens and ochre. Building on Afro-Cuban cultural influences, key looks such as a bold lapis and scarlet floral flyaway frock with back ruffle detail, a striped scarlet and black flyaway tee, structured crisp white trousers and fisherman-inspired sandals express the effortless style of the modern woman who is sexy, assured and contemporary.”

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People who work in glass towers shouldn’t throw stones.

During my morning roam around the internet, I came across a post on Derek Blasberg’s blog featuring a recent documentary about the street style craze as it specifically relates to fashion weeks around the globe. Within this documentary, the discussion moves to a conversation about bloggers and our impact on the industry. This video has stuck with me all day like spinach in my teeth – I just can’t get it out of my mind! I always find myself horrified when editors and journalists use the word “blogger”. It seems to be dripping with disdain, like they think of our community like Fendi knockoffs on Canal Street. Are we so loathsome? Should we be treated like criminals who have been exiled from the fashion kingdom? How dare we have an opinion!

Believe me, I’m well aware that a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch, but I often find myself wondering if any of these editors have spent time getting to know a legitimate member of the blogging community, or are they the type of people who say that they don’t have time for Twitter/Facebook? Is it because they don’t understand the value in multiple voices and opinions, or is it because they are adverse to change?

I’ve never referred to myself as a writer or a journalist. I didn’t go to college to be a reporter and I didn’t spend years of my life memorizing every rule of grammar, but I did study fashion at a respected university. I learned how to sew on factory production machines and drafted my own patterns. I learned about the amazing work of Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo before Gwen Stefani made them relevant in pop culture. I may not have been born into a wealthy family or raised around closets of couture, but that doesn’t make my love for fashion any less valid. I began my blog in October of 2006 because I was tired of talking to my friends in Fayetteville, Arkansas about things they didn’t care about. Olivia Palermo, the latest MAC collections, and Penelope Cruz’s most recent red carpet outfit were not high on their list of priorities. I got my first real job as the community manager for the very first fashion blogging community. I believe in the power of one voice and I haven’t stopped nurturing, protecting, and encouraging this special place we’ve all created.

Just like in the blogging community, not all editors or journalists feel negatively about bloggers and the online space. Some standout stars make the transition from traditional media to digital (just look at Eva Chen) seamlessly. The internet has turned topics into global conversations and brought so much value to many industries, plus created many opportunities in cities around the globe. Just talk to the small designer that doesn’t have to hold her breath waiting on the next Women’s Wear Daily or review because she’s built her business on great relationships with bloggers who support her endeavors. Or take a closer look at YouTube beauty gurus and you’ll find a multi-million dollar brand with a foundation deeply rooted in girls talking about their favorite makeup brushes in their bedrooms. A closer look at Phillip Lim’s analytics (and those of his retail partners) might paint a very telling picture about the success of his accessory business.

Isn’t it magical that you can access information on any topic at the swipe of your finger? That millions of people are celebrating (and sharing) the many qualities that make them an individual? The way that we consume information has changed, and along with that, the value that we place on that information has changed. The magazines are no longer the loudest voice in the room, and for that I am grateful.

Perhaps the true problem with fashion week is that the format no longer works. I agree – not everyone needs to attend a runway show. In fact, the editors don’t even need to be there if we are being completely honest. There are market appointments, previews, and resees following the shows. The fashion machine is going through some growing pains as we all adapt to a new measure of time and a speed of innovation that is impossible to maintain. Perhaps the next time you ponder the state of the industry, you’ll expand your lens beyond the digital community to evaluate the industry as a whole.

Just like I cannot control who sits at the next table at my favorite restaurant, editors and traditional media cannot control the bloggers and online personalities that are invited to attend an event. Everyone in a room – any room – comes with a point of view and leaves with a unique perspective on their experience. The best part of the internet is that we’re not in competition. I’m not in competition with any magazine, blog, or traditional media source. The real power comes from a person’s choice to consume as much content as they wish and to control how, when, where, and why that consumption happens.

If fingers are to be pointed at anyone, perhaps it is the lack of innovation coming out of those glass towers the editors look down at us from.  The pressure to keep up is tremendous and the task of being an innovator is daunting. Perhaps if the industry spent more time looking inward for growth and change instead of pointing fingers, we might find that together our voices can be a part of something truly special.

Photo credit: Harvey Jackson

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If there’s any time to make a statement, it’s during Fashion Week. Amidst a flurry of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week prep, I turned to my friends at Amrita Singh to score just the right amount of sparkle for the week ahead. I had the opportunity to play in the color-coded drawers and discover great new pieces like those in the foil collection. I can’t wait to share with you the pieces that I pulled to wear for the week ahead. Do you have Fashion Week fever yet?

Photos by the handsome & talented Harvey Jackson.

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No disrespect, Anna. You’re genius at your job and mad respect for your ability to wear the same outfit twice during any given Fashion Week, but – pardon my language – Fashion’s Night Out in NYC is a shit show. Traffic is a total nightmare, everyone is there to see the celebrities, score free drinks and not buy a damn thing. I love the evening’s purpose, to get people into stores and shop, but brands spend tens of thousands of dollars to throw a party with little return. It has become a night of keeping up with the Joneses and unless your brand is flying Adele across the pond, it’s next to impossible to get any traction. As much as I’d love to be crammed into the corner of yet another retail store tomorrow night, these are the five reasons I’m staying home (and why I think you should, too).

  1. Stay home and shop. If the night is all about supporting your favorite brands, then do so from the comfort of your couch (or bed). Pick up your favorite piece from their fall collection. Shop their website. Flip through their lookbook. Tweet with them about how much you love them!
  2. If a tree falls… In NYC, you can’t get any cell reception on FNO (from my experience, especially in SoHo and Meatpacking). Even if you got that major picture with Azealia Banks, you couldn’t tell the world. Fun, right?
  3. But this is an Alaia! It’s never, ever chic to have a drink spilled on you.
  4. Discover something new. It’s the first full day of shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. After you shopped your favorite brand’s website, check and your favorite blog (perhaps this one?) to discover designers that you’ve never heard of. Fall in love. Repeat step 1.
  5. The stores will be there tomorrow. Since brands rarely sell anything amidst the chaos, those “FNO exclusives” will still be there when the store opens the next morning. You can still score most nail lacquers/scarves/glasses/tees the next morning without any issue.

So there you have it. Spend the night with your iPad, Tweetdeck tuned to #FNO and the September issue of Vogue. You know you still haven’t finished reading it yet.

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When I said that this past Fashion Week was going to be better than previous seasons, I truly had no idea how special it would be. I was blessed with the opportunity to film my backstage experience for MAC, clearly one of my most beloved brands. The above video is hosted on their YouTube channel (a must subscribe), plus on a dedicated Facebook tab.

Watch the mania that is otherwise known as backstage, including stunning designs by Naeem Khan and Christian Siriano, plus appearances by some of my favorite artists – Keri, Romero, Chantel, Gina and Gordon. I can’t thank the MAC team enough for being able to participate in this special program.

Hope you enjoy!

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HP has enlisted Fern Mallis to join their latest campaign, “Everybody On”. In case you’ve been hiding from the fashion world, Fern Mallis is credited with the modern organization and somewhat centralization of today’s New York Fashion Week. In this brief promo video, Mallis parallels the rise of NYFW with the rise of technology, as well as giving young designers the opportunity to be known on an international level.

What I find most interesting about this video is what she doesn’t say. Her word choice is incredibly specific and certainly sidesteps acknowledging many of the people and passions who have used technology, in many cases specifically HP technology, to instantly share information from Fashion Week. This immediacy, combined with individuals and their passion, is a cornerstone of the Fashion Week experience, for better or worse.

What do you think of what she has to sasy?

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Let’s face it – Fashion Week can sometimes feel like a spinning wheel of brands paying an insane amount of money for seasonal media attention. However, getting up at 5am without coffee is generally impossible, so those of us making the hike to Lincoln Center have to rely on whichever coffee sponsor decides to sign on. Starbucks Frapuccinos have been with us for several seasons an while walking to the backstage entrances, I spied this massive palette of caffeine. America may run on Duncan, but for 14 days a year, fashion runs on Starbucks Frappuccinos.

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MBFW Fashion Week CredentialsI just picked up my credentials for the Fall/Winter 2011 Season of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Every season seems more & more surreal. This will be my 8th season and each season I am continually blown away by the amount of opportunities and access that I’m extended.

It’s funny to think back to when I was an awkward girl living in Arkansas (not that I’m not still awkward!), dreaming big and having everyone tell me that my dreams wouldn’t come true – they were too unrealistic. It sounds funny, but twice a year, I’m reminded that I accidentally made my dreams come true. I stumbled my way out of Arkansas with ambition, dreams and a blog.

So what makes this, the 8th season, so special? One very special brand partnership (my lips are sealed – for now), a live, on the scene reporting gig (follow me on Twitter for the heads up) and access to shows like never before.

I’m so blessed, humbled and grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride!

PS – What show do you want to know the most about?

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During Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to be exposed to many extraordinary experiences. Courtesy of Effen Vodka, I was treated to a seat at the Vera Wang show – an experience I would not have been able to obtain otherwise.  Throughout the week, guests of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week were treated to another extraordinary experience – Effen Vodka’s Fashion Week Signature Cocktails. My favorite? The Picture Perfect.








What is your favorite vodka cocktail? Share in the comments below!

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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When packing a bag for my very first fashion week I thought I would need ten tons of stuff to keep me going. WRONG. By the end of the day my shoulder hurt like crazy. I wised up on the second day and paired it down. I realized I didn’t need 15 different lip products or a HUGE bag of almonds and that I needed room for all the documents and items I picked up around the shows and backstages. You never know what you may have to stash and carry for the rest of the day. (I was literally handed a pack of toothbrushes at one of my first backstages.) By the end of fashion week I had streamlined my bag contents to essentials.

What’s in my bag: Lesleykat
Bag: Hayden Harnett Sonia Tote (no longer available)

HP Viveninne Tam mini HP notebook (on loan from the good folks at HP)
Canon EOS Rebil Xsi
Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses (no longer available)
Bag of almonds (raw)
Bag of Advil Liquid Gels
Tic Tac’s White
Arnica Gel (for my sore tootsies)
Visine for contacts
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish
: Medium
MAC Full coverage foundation: NW20 (available at PRO stores)
Pur minerals foundation brush (gift from my sister, not sure where it came from)
YSL Fard A Levres Rouge Pur
: 52
MAC lipstick: Made to order (LE no longer available)
iPhone 3GS
Sephora mirror (the one that comes with a gift card)

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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To be fair, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week should be called the “Mercedes Benz Fashion Marathon”. For those trying to cover the shows, the days can be long, leaving little time for the two F’s – food & fun. You partake in both when you can and the rest of the time, you just march on. When people ask me for a bit of advice about Fashion Week, I always say the same thing – “Dress like you’re going to a fashion war.” I probably should have added that you should pack your purse like you’re going to a fashion war as well.

Earlier in the week I was toting the gorgeous Jacqueline Large Satchel from Christian Siriano’s Payless collection. To put it simply, I was completely in love with my bag, until I looked down (in the pouring rain) and one of the straps had completely come apart. Making the most of a bad situation, I ran into the only reliable cluster of straight men at Lincoln Center – the lovely handymen who make the magic (aka the tents) happen and begged for black electric tape to hide my shame. Needless to say, my beloved (defective) bag had to be put to rest until it could be exchanged for a more… enthusiastic model. To complete the marathon, I chose the gorgeous black leather Gap tote you can (barely) see pictured above. For additional contents, start at the white Fuji camera and work clockwise:

FujiFilm Instax Mini 7 White Instant Camera

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, MAC & Milk credentials

Leather Tassel Tote from Gap

House of Field tote from several Fashion Week’s ago

Asus Karim Rashid Seashell Collection Eee PC (read my review here)

Invitation to The Blonds Spring 2011 show

MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam cosmetics bag

Black lips coin purse (used to hold extra batteries and SD cards)

Flip Mino HD camera in Chrome

Canon PowerShot SX20IS Digital Camera

iPhone 3GS with a red Mophie Juice Pack Air

Marc by Marc Jacobs business card holder

Lena Erziak mini card case (used as a wallet)

EcoSystems pink notebook

L’Oreal Elnett hairspray (the real formula, imported from London)

Urban Decay’s Vegan Palette

Photo by Lesley Forrester

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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You might be reading this and asking yourself “Hey, where’s your outfit for 9/15?”. The Fashion Flu that I’ve been referencing sporadically throughout tweets and my posts got the best of me. I woke up in the morning, completely incapable of taking a single step. I slept all day and fortunately, I made it out into the world the see Mercedes Benz Fashion Week draw to a close.

For the final day, I started my morning backstage at J Mendel with Ted Gibson, then on to the Isaac Mizrahi show, and then ran backstage to see what was happening at Davidelfin, Next, Lesley and I headed to the Argentina Designers Collection (honestly, stunning!), then downtown for the George McCracken presentation, backstage at The Blonds, stayed at MAC & Milk for The Blonds, then fought to get a cab back to Lincoln Center for L.A.M.B. and ended our Spring 2011 Fashion Week at the Style Coalition NYFW Wrap Party. All in all, the Style IT team covered 101 backstage appointments, presentations, and runway shows (not counting those that some of us *cough* may have missed).

Leopard jacket: ancient Lane Bryant (from college!) (no longer available)

Burnout leopard print tank: Torrid

Black lace tank: Hanky Panky

Dark wash skinny jeans: Torrid

Spider ring: Loehmann’s

Black pointy toe flats: Nine West

Photo by Lesley Forrester

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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To be completely honest, the 13th was one heck of a day – although it was a Monday, it definitely felt like Friday the 13th. I started the morning late (my Fashion Flu was raging in full force) and missed a couple of appointments at W Tempest and Wes Gordon (so sorry!). I made it in just in time to jet to Diesel Black Gold where I ran into Bryanboy & Andrew Mukamal. From there I raced back up to Lincoln Center for Monique Lhuillier backstage and then on to the show, Alexandre Herchovitz backstage, Betsey Johnson backstage, and finally ending at the KMart/Jaclyn Smith 25th Anniversary Celebration. By the time Lesley and I were finished at the KMart party, all we wanted to do was load up on carbs (a great excuse to use my newly coined phrase “Carbs, ahoy!”).

Unfortunately, it was too dark outside to find a great spot for my outfit photo, so we ended up ducking into the lobby of an apartment building for the shot above, while the man at the front desk was shouting at us. Oops – sorry!

Necklaces: Forever 21 (no longer available)

Blue asymmetrical tank: Torrid

Updated boyfriend blazer: Torrid

Dark wash jeans: Torrid

Blue leopard pointy flats: Nine West (blue leopard no longer available, other colors currently in stock)

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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There are so many beautiful shows during Fashion Week, it’s often hard to prioritize which are more important or which deserve coverage over another that happens to be halfway across the city. However, I have a very small shortlist of shows that I will not, under any circumstances, fail to attend. The Blonds sits unchallenged at the top of that list. Not only are the shows elaborate, entertaining productions, but the clothes are cleverly constructed pieces of art. Most recently, one of their custom creations appeared in Kylie Minogue’s video for Get Outta My Way.

For Spring 2011, the collection was titled “Ladies and Gentlemen”, with an opening dance number featuring four dancers, fans, and a signature strut by Phillipe Blond. The collection contains 22 looks, with more glitter, sequins, and corsetry than you could ever ask for. While all Blonds collections have a sense of humor, this one took a turn for the cheeky, with hats spelling out LOL, OMG, and WTF. Also something new for the design duo was the inclusion of metallic bikinis and more flowing gowns – a departure from the Fall 2010 collection.

The looks were made complete with jewelry from nOir, shoes by Christian Louboutin, hats by Victor Osborne, gloves by Carolina Amato and lingerie by Frederick’s of Hollywood. The front row was peppered with celebrities and nightlife notables, including Patricia Field, Jay Manuel, Alan Cumming, and Kristin Cavellari.

Photos by Lesley Forrester

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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Sunday is when the tired starts to creep up on everyone, and no amount of coffee/Red Bull/B vitamins/vodka can shake it off. The weekend schedules are always packed – it seems like everyone wants to have a show/presentation/party/event on those two days. To add to this particular Sunday’s exhaustion, it decided to rain – and rain and rain. How is one supposed to look impossibly chic in the pouring rain? Let’s just say some (myself included) didn’t fare too well.

I started my morning off by heading backstage at Lela Rose & Timo Weiland, then jetting to backstage at Catharine Malandrino and finally finding a morning safe haven at Robert Verdi’s Fashion Week Retreat (more on that later). In the afternoon, we raced back for Rebecca Minkoff, Max Azria, backstage at the W Hotel’s Global Glam Collection, had a few cocktails in the IMG Lounge with Effen Vodka and then raced downtown for the Sally LaPointe show, where this photo was taken. Ironically, this light installation ended up playing a pivotal role in Sally LaPointe’s runway presentation.

Hat: Eugenia Kim for Target (no longer available)

Jacket: Torrid

Floral dress: Torrid

Leggings: Lane Bryant (no longer available)

Black leather Chucks: Zappos

Photo by Lesley Forrester

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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Its pretty tough to dress for an entire day at Fashion Week, much less adding a cocktail event that evening.  When in doubt, I always go for a downtown look consisting of a lot of black. I began the morning at Cynthia Rowley backstage, then onto Binetti backstage and the Binetti presentation (the most glorious show I have seen thus far). Next I went backstage at Prabal Gurung, headed to a very French Fornier Communications event, then back to Lincoln Center for the Charlotte Ronson show and Venexiana backstage, finally landing at Cocktails and Couture at the Ted Gibson salon. All in all, it was a pretty great day!

Bib necklace: Charlotte Russe (no longer available)

Bold shoulder top: Torrid

Bandage skirt: Torrid

Kaboom ring: Torrid

Spider Ring: Loehmann’s

Ankle boots: Evans (no longer available)

Photo by Lesley Forrester


Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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Friday September 10th was completely hectic. Not only was there a full day of shows (officially day two of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week), but it was also the second annual Fashion’s Night Out. Fortunately, I didn’t need to go running around the city in search of an amazing event – I was co-hosting one! The lovely ladies of Lena Erziak asked me to help co-host their FNO event, along with Stella Filante, POSHGLAM, and Handbago. I was so thrilled to be a part of the evening!

The theme was 1930’s Parisian chic, complete with a live piano player and gorgeous models in costume (more on the event later). Earlier in the day, I had managed to squeeze in Natuica, Georges Chakra backstage & show, Ports 1961 backstage & show, Christian Siriano, and Alexander Berardi. It was a great way to wrap up the week!

Skull & rhinestone earrings: Rachel Rachel Roy (no longer available)

Black beaded necklaces: H&M

Lace rouched shoulder dress: Torrid

Double black studded belt: Lane Bryant (no longer available)

Silver clutch: Lena Erziak

Black studded platform pumps: Torrid

Photo by Lesley Forrester

Style IT’s Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week coverage is proudly sponsored by Torrid:

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