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On The Plus Side: Disney Style

It’s no secret that I love, love, love this sheer polka dot top from ASOS. I can’t stop wearing it over layers, under tops, and even alone so much that I’ve already purchased a fall alternative. Sadly, almost everything I’m wearing in this post is last season or sold out, but I hope that it […]

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On The Plus Side: Fruit Stripe Hype

Plus Size Stripes

Although this look isn’t much more than hoop earrings, a statement dress, and Birkenstocks, for me it represents so much more. This was the first day I really started to feel like myself again after the chaos of this year. Although I am still recovering in many ways, I’m also incredibly stubborn and determined to […]

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On The Plus Side: Kicking Around

Talk about a throwback! For some reason I’ve been sitting on these photos for about two years. I’d always meant to share them, but the summers fly by faster than they should and suddenly you’re thinking about transitional dressing before you can stop sweating. I loved (and still do) everything about this look. My custom […]

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