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The Hunger Games Beauty Allure

One of my favorite things about living in NYC is that I can stroll out of my apartment, hop onto a subway train, and passively transit to my destination. Perhaps I’ll listen to my favorite new album (Haim!), reply to emails, or sneak in a little me time. Today I was flipping (metaphorically speaking) through the November issue of Allure on my iPad when I came across a piece on The Hunger Games and how it has inspired bold beauty looks.

I adore The Hunger GamesLike many others, I breezed through the series in three days, sleeping just enough to function. I even picked up a pair of Katniss-inspired bow and arrow earrings from Bing Bang at their sample sale. The work that the hair and makeup teams have done on that set is nothing short of spectacular, however crediting the series and the fanciful world of The Capitol with women making bolder beauty choices is a bit of a stretch.

There have been many conversations about the “democratization of fashion” and the role that fashion bloggers have played, but beauty bloggers haven’t sparked the same conversations. I’ve often wondered why, because it seems that social media has ignited a beauty revolution. In every corner of the internet, you can find a woman confidently sharing her flawless smokey eye, tricks to perfecting liquid eyeliner, or effusively praising her favorite shampoo. The Allure article mentions Queen of Blending, a YouTube channel where Lauren, a woman whose eyeshadow skills will leave you breathless, creates tutorials on how to get her bold, multi-colored looks. I’ve often watched Lauren’s videos and even though I can’t imagine wearing makeup that extreme, it is awe-inspiring to know that there are women out there who do.

In comparison to other online communities, beauty junkies are warm and welcoming. You want to spend $700 on moisturizer? Good for you. Dare to wear purple lipstick? You’ll find three other women who look amazing in it. Want to put googly eyes on your nails? I bet there’s a tutorial on how to create it yourself. With few exceptions, most notably skin tone and price point, beauty doesn’t discriminate. You can create just as beautiful a look with Wet N Wild as you can with Tom Ford. It’s all about what makes you feel confident and beautiful without limitations. Seeing other women who look like you and share similar interests trying something new often pushes you to try it for yourself. No offense to the author of this Allure article, but this freedom didn’t start with The Hunger Games and it certainly won’t end there.

CoverGirl The Hunger Games District 1 Luxury

Likely fueling this Allure piece was the release of CoverGirl’s collaboration with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire called The Capitol Collection (and perhaps advertising dollars). The execution of this campaign has been spot on, including 12 distinct looks created for each of the 12 districts that are shoppable on the CoverGirl site. These collaborations are exciting for consumers and a great marketing partnership between the studios and beauty companies. They’re not revolutionary, but a great way to capitalize on a pop culture moment. Collections like these really capture the essence of how real women are exploring and pushing the boundaries of “beauty”.

Thanks to Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and the millions (if not billions) of blogs out there, we’ll continue to be inspired, experiment, and transform. We’ll be influenced by artists, friends, and nature. The fanciful world of The Hunger Games is merely one moment in a web of connections we can experience freely and easily thanks to social media. Now go explore!

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