Chanel Thermometer Earrings

The Chanel thermometer earrings from the 1980s. Aren’t they beautiful?

Katy Perry may have written The One That Got Away about a lost romance, but for me that fling will always been about the 1980s Chanel thermometer earrings that I found in a resale boutique in SoHo. I’ve regretted leaving them behind so much that I’ve actually lost sleep over my decision. Beauty rest. REM cycles. How could I have been so foolish?

Whenever I feel a little restless, I like to do a little mindless shopping/strolling/people watching. On one particular grey day I popped into a small resale boutique on the corner of Prince St and West Broadway just for giggles. In the jewelry case were the most perfect Chanel earrings that I had ever seen. Forget the cliche interlocking double C’s. These thermometers from the 80s are where it’s at. Fashion with a sense of humor! Where have they been all my life?

I snuggled them. I turned them over. The price tag was $350. I could buy them, but I couldn’t afford them. I spent 30 minutes trying to talk myself into just throwing down the plastic and caution to the wind. My inner voice was strong that day, and I walked way, but I’ve dreamed of them ever since. Responsibility is a real bitch sometimes.

Since they are from the 80s, there isn’t a lot of information about them online. They never pop up on eBay, and I’d all but written off any chance of ever finding them again. Why would anyone ever sell them?

I randomly flipped to my Tweetdeck and falling through my Timeline was an image of THE earrings attached to a tweet from Decades. I clicked through immediately and made my friend hold my hand. Could I actually afford them this time?

In a cruel twist of fate, Decades has priced their pair of earrings at $1,450. If I couldn’t justify spending $350 less than four years ago, I certainly can’t get away with spending more than month’s rent now. Someone from the Real Housewives franchise or a street style darling will scoop them up, but they’ll never love them like I could.

They’ll come back to me someday. Until then….it’s back to Chanel thermometer dreams and self loathing.

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Vintage Subway AdWe all like to look back on 2013 and think about the times that we didn’t go to the gym, or choose a kale salad over a cheeseburger, and while that is constructive, I enjoy looking further back to truly see how far we’ve come (bonus points if the Matchbox Twenty song ‘How Far We’ve Come‘ just started playing in your head). Every year, the MTA pulls vintage subway cars out of storage and puts them into service along the M line on Sundays in December.

What you think you’ll find aboard these cars doesn’t even compare to what the experience is like. As opposed to other parts of the city (Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue windows, etc) everyone is there to enjoy and document the experience. Enthusiasts bring out their vintage cameras or expensive DSLRs to capture the ride, while others bring out their vintage finest. I’ve never seen so many victory rolls, polka dots, suitcases, train cars, and t-strap pumps in one place in all my life. I wasn’t able to capture much of the atmosphere because I was too engrossed with all of the signs and advertisements of days gone by. If you love that sort of thing, flip through the gallery of images I captured below.

So while you’re thinking about your resolutions, highs, and lows of 2013, look back a little further to the progress that we’ve made. A bit of change in 2014 can influence a lot of change by 2020.

Thank you so much for joining me in 2013. Cheers to 2014!

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