Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headphones Once upon a time, a careless style blogger (that would be me) selected a pair of white around ear headphones at a gifting suite because they looked “crisp”. Fast forward to the day I had a hair color appointment and carelessly put my *white* headphones on after my blowout. It looked like my hair tried to murder my headphones and my hair won after a bloody, bloody battle.

Since then, I’ve not only been more careful about my headphone use when I leave the salon (obviously), but I’ve also become a lot more utilitarian. In the winter, I prefer an around ear style (like the Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones in Mint). As the weather starts warming up and I conquer my day with fewer & fewer pockets, wireless headphones shift from a luxury to a necessity. Let’s be honest: there are only so many times you can put your phone in your bra before the paranoia of breast cancer becomes overwhelming.

Enter the Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headphones. I’ve tried a lot of wireless headphones in my day and to be frank, I’ve found the majority of them disappointing. Earlier Bluetooth technology was usually the culprit, creating spotty signal issues when the battery fell below a certain percent.  From a design perspective, previous wireless headphones were also bulky and didn’t have the same sleek profile as their wired counterparts.  Times have changed and we now live in a world where the absence of a tether is your only wireless indicator.

One of the many features of Urbanears, in addition to an excellent color selection that is updated seasonally, is that you can remove and wash the fabric headband in case you also have a hair color incident or work out frequently. I haven’t experienced a drop in connectivity because of battery issues, and fortunately the battery charges quickly via micro usb (the same as my Samsung Galaxy Note5). It also comes with a standard headphone cord should you run out of battery or prefer a direct connection. Plus, they collapse into a fraction of their size, making them perfect handbag companions. You can control your music and answer your phone through a series of gestures on the outside of one of the ear cups, but I won’t deny that there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s definitely more convenient than reaching for your phone every time you need to move onto the next song on Spotify.

All in all, if you’re looking to upgrade yourself to an untethered sound experience or are preparing for Apple’s possible move away from a headphone jack, the Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headphones are a solid buy at only $99. If you’re looking for my exact color, Jam, shop Nordstrom. Amazon has beautiful shades of grey, green, and blue, and the Urbanears website has some interesting pastels. Urbanears definitely isn’t a brand that shies away from bold color statements.

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  • I bought these for myself when Spotify had a deal for subscribers and I love them. Sadly so does my daughter who has taken them over to watch her YouTube videos of people playing with toys. Le sigh…