There are those moments when time seems to stop.  You can hear your heart beating in your ears as you unconsciously hold your breath.  Your palms begin to sweat and drool slowly creeps from the corners of your mouth.  Your eyes begin to cross as you fall into a trance:  it’s love.  Pure fashion love.

that’s exactly how I felt when I saw the photo of this Yohji Yamamoto bag on In My Bag. Friends and colleagues have called me crazy, called the bag obscene, but I am sticking to my gut reaction.  To me, this bag makes sense.  Standing 6’2″ and on the plus size, proportionally this bag would be an accent, not a focal point.  Lemmings can go after the latest “it” bag every season, but I’ll save my hard earned money for those moments when you know a purchase is right.  Unfortunately, hard as I may try, I cannot find a single crumb that would lead me to this bag, other than the photo.  

As much as I swoon to own a piece by Yohji Yamamoto, I can make do.  With a little creativity, this bag is easily replicated. Pair large frame hinges with excellent draping skills and I can easily recreate this bag.

When have you fallen head over heels in fashion love? If you could find/afford the item, what did you do?