After months of speculation, rumors, vicious remarks and rankings, the masters behind now defunct Socialite Rank have been revealed by New York Magazine. Efforts to uncover the truth spread across the internet, culminating in Radar Online polling readers on the most likely culprit in an attempt to discover “the truth”. The end of Socialite Rank came on April 24, exactly one year after it began. Even after the end the speculation continued, had we paid attention, we would have noticed one of the culprits in plain sight. While there may have been an expiration date on the snarky comments and weekly rankings, a new “heir” has taken it’s place.

The truth is finally being told, in the pages of New York Magazine. Even in Radar’s attempt to discover the truth, they missed the mark. The dynamic duo behind the controversy are none other than Valentine and Ola Rei, a dangerous combination of desperation and envy. Valentine, a reporter for Fashion Week Daily, and Olga, an account manager at Lippman Advertising, wormed their way into the social set. “They were wannabes for a long time,” one fixture in the scene says, “and sometime or other they started acting like they were somebodies.”

Over time Socialite Rank grew into a monster. From hate mail, friends spilling dirty secrets, to Valentine & Olga throwing a Halloween bash to entice a mass socialite gathering, and the creation of the Silver Spoon award which named Tinsley Mortimer socialite of the year, socialites, publicists and readers loved to hate the Rank. And then came the infamous letter from Olivia Palermo. Who sent the letter? There are far too many theories to rehash, but Palermo’s legal team and Manhattan’s District Attorney intend to follow all leads to uncover the author of the “false” letter. Who authored the letter doesn’t really matter anymore. As soon as the letter was published on SR, Olivia Palermo rocketed to fame. Some championed her, others loather her, but everyone knew her name.

SR was always intended to last only one year, after which the stories, secrets and scandals would be compiled for a book entitled “The Year Of The Rank”. The last ranking even included Olga herself in the 20, an obvious indication that most missed, simply due to distance from the issue.

So who is to take over where SR left off? Park Avenue Peerage, the new heir whose author has also garnered speculation, may be the furthest from the scene. In fact, James Kurisunkal writes PAP from his dorm room at the University of Illinois, and has never been to New York. Having grown up reading The Book Of Royal Lists, Kurisunkal finds himself obsessed with socialites. He now finds himself with abundant invites, and emails from socialites wanting more coverage or a more flattering picture.  And he felt it necessary to out himself.

The moral of the story is you don’t have to be a snarky freelancer, a Vogue staffer, or even a resident of 10021 to gather the stories (and secrets) of the New York social set. In case this isn’t enough socialite news to fill your day, check out the Top Twenty Socialites of All Time.